CONTRACT = Job Security & Just Cause

Fall River/ Fairhaven Technicians Vote Yes For The IBEW

On April 24th 2013 the Fall River/Fairhaven technicians voted 49 to 41 in favor of becoming members of the IBEW. Comcast use of contractors and changes in technology gave these technicians the determination to stay the course after a narrow loss in a 2011 election. They look forward  negotiations and having a real voice in their future.
keep an eye on Beverly etc.etc.

Congressman Stephen Lynch tells Fairhaven/Fall River techs: "I've got your back"

Rep. Lynch who is a candidate for the US Senate met with the Comcast technicians Tues. night  and made it clear that in his experience  as a union iron worker that all workers  need to have a voice in their future and he will stand behind your efforts to organize and vote on April 24th . The middle class of America can only be saved by a determined unified workforce. Rep. Lynch has once again has proven that he is dedicated to protecting the rights of the working people of Massachusetts.

To Comcast Managers in New England

In your meeting Wednesday at  North Reading  where you will discuss how best to deal with the recent worker activities regarding the desire to form a union, take a minute and explore an option that you may have not considered. Embrace the idea of a union. The workers across this country are responsible for the incredible success Comcast enjoys and  there would be no limit as to what could be accomplished if the workers efforts are acknowledged , their ideas taken seriously, and they had the same security as every high level manager in the company. Respect and security is all anyone is looking for. Give it some thought. As partners we can do great things.

Beverly Technicians To Vote!

 Technicians who work out of Comcast's Beverly FMA have joined their co-workers from Fall River /Fairhaven and will have a union representation vote to be held on May 8th. The election will be supervised by the National Labor Relations Board ( NLRB).
Comcast workers around the state are coming together in order to secure their future. IBEW LU 2321 based in North Andover Ma. is suporting the union  drive.

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Comcast workers vote on collective bargaining

Customer Communication Technicians who work out of Comcast's Fall River and Fairhaven FMA  will have their second union representation election on April 24.  The vote will be supervised by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).   
The techs have enlisted broad support from Massachusetts elected officials, other Comcast workers' unions and community groups to pressure Comcast to respect their rights.   IBEW Local 2322, a telecom union based in Middleboro, MA, is supporting the union drive. 
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